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Addict 2.4m

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Addict 2.4m

Out of Stock

This 2.4m Powerfoil is truely powerful kiting!!!
Learn to fly in light winds because once you're out there is 15 knots, all you can do is hang on for the ride!
An excellent trainer kite for wind surfers....it teaches you how to handle power before you strap on a harness. It's also great for buggying (basically, go karting with a kite!), power jumping (jump and the power will keep you up there for what seems like forever!) or just good ol' dig-your-heels-into-the-sand-and-hold-on kite flying. Complete with 200lb Dyneema lines & flying straps.  

* Full Statutory Warranty
* Free Delivery to your door
* Line & Handle Included
* Comes in Velcro-top Nylon Carry Bag


Kite Type:

Parafoils (or Powerfoils) are just like parasailers.
They fly because sewn pockets fill with air to give the kite it's
shape & they steer with bridle lines, just like a rigid dual liner.
They are extremely powerful and definitely not for children.


  • Winds: 5 kph to 25 kph
    (it will probably handle more but we're not sure you will!!!)
  • Ages: Intermediate and Experienced Adults
  • Size: 2.4m wingspan


  • - Appliqued 40d Ripstop Sail
  • - no frame
  • - 200lb Dyeenma Lines on Straps

Sail Detail Rods & Connectors In the Packet
materials rods in the bag

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