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Box Kite

Price: $30.00

includes GST and delivery Australia wide.

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Box Kite


Did you know that Australia is the only country in the world to have a 'kitemaker' on it's money? Lawrence Hargraves, who used to be on our $20 note, invented the Box kite and was using it to perfect manned flight (before the Wright Bros beat him to it!) because Box Kites are very stable in stronger winds. It needs a fairly stiff breeze to get flying but keeps it's stability as the winds get stronger. Made with apliqued ripstop nylon sailcloth, it comes with a strong fibreglass frame. It's a great little flyer for stronger winds. 

* Full Statutory Warranty
* Free Delivery to your door
* Line & Handle Included
* Comes in Velcro-top Nylon Carry Bag

Kite Type:

Box Kites are well suited to medium to strong winds. These will be incredibly stable in this wind range because of it's 'cells' angled sideways to the wind. It is very easy to assemble and very rugged.  


  • Winds: Medium to Strong
  • Ages: 6 years and Up
  • Size: 1.m high


  • Ripstop Nylon Sailcloth
  • 3mm fibreglass frame
  • Includes 15kg Line on Winder

Sail Detail Rods & Connectors In the Packet
Box Kite cloth Box Kite Rods Box Kite in the packet

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