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Dolphin kite

Price: $35.00

includes GST and delivery Australia wide.

Dolphin kite at the kiteshop



A beautifully apliqued design that looks great and flys eally well.
This is one of the best 'character' kites we've ever seen.
Delta kites have a big sail area to catch the wind for light wind days and thie Dolphin has a long wide tail to give it extra stability as the wind picks up. The long wide body acts like part of the sail to give it extra lift as well as stability.
It flys in Light and Medium winds and had a mid to high aspect......it will fly from the horizon to over your head. 

* Full Statutory Warranty
* Free Delivery to your door
* Line & Handle Included
* Comes in Velcro-top Nylon Carry Bag

Kite Type:

Delta Kites are ight and medium wind specialists and very easy to fly. Because of their big sail area, they will generally fly in lighter winds then just about any other kite type. The long, wide tail helps to provide lift (because of it's width) as well as stability (because of it's length). This is beautifully appliqued and really looks fantastic in flight.....it also makes a great wall decoration when there's no wind to go flying 


  • Winds: Light to Medium
  • Ages: 5 years and Up
  • Size: 1.4 metres wide


  • Appliqued Ripstop Sail
  • Solid Fibreglass frame
  • 25kg Line on Winder

Sail Detail Rods & Connectors In the Packet
materials rods in the bag

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