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Leading Edge Kites first flew in 1988 when Bob Dawson began building his big high performance kites in Coffs Harbour and testing them down on Park Beach (hey, it's a hard job testing kites on the beach all day but, well, someones gotta do it!!!)

Viper Kite Viper - An early design

Since then Bob has flown in competitions and carnivals all over the world including a standing invitation (only a few people around the world get these...) to the Pasir Gudang Kite Festival in Malaysia.
He's flown in competitions as far away as France and England and as exotic as New Caladonia.
(Hey, we told you it's a hard job!)

Along with Neil Taylor and Rob Brassington, Bob was considered one of the foremost performance kite makers in Australia and is renouned for his constant innovation (it gives him another excuse to go to the beach...)

Targa stunt kite Bob with a Targa

Ultralite stunt kites Bob Dawson with Elites

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that Bob is the current Australian champion and has been, with his Ocean Breeze team, since 1998...

With the introduction of Kite surfing to Australia in a big way over the last few years Bob has become the kite surfing specialist at Leading Edge and he has brought in Ros to look after the Single String and Dual Control Kites as well as to look after School Resources.
That's mainly what this web site is about....'normal' kites, small ones for kids to fly in the park and
big performance ones for adults to get their action hit from.

So, have a look at the great range on the links below and.....happy flying!

the shop
The original shop has had many moves and guises. This was our shop at Currumbin but now we're at Burleigh on the fabulous Gold Coast.
The on-line shop however allows us to provide service and advice right across Australia.

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ABN: 80 28 605 863

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