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Dual Control Kites

Steer your kite thru the sky, fly loop the loops,
high dives, ground huggs, figure 8's and more...
Fast - agile - accurate - powerful .....these kites are serious fun!
Small kites (1.4m or less) are for 7 - 12 year olds,
Bigger ones, including the powerfoils, are for Teens & Adults
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Fibreglass Framed Kites:

These first 6 kites have Fibreglass frames...
They are strong & rugged and great as a first kite or jus' foolin' around.
The smaller kites are for 7 year olds and up, larger ones for Teens and Adults.
They are excellent value and fly much better then they should for their price!

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A good budget starter kite.
Fully detailed aplique design
Good for younger teens
Size: 1.12m wingspan
Ages: 8 to 12 years

Maddog Stunt Kite

Great starter kite for kids
Excellent performance
from a small kite!
Size: 1.37m wingspan
Ages: 8 years to Adult
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Black Widow

Our most popular kite
Quality Sail & 5mm frame
Great Flyer in wide wind range
Size: 1.50m wingspan
Ages: 10 to Adult

Ikon Stunt Kite

Excellent Performer
5mm tubular frame
light but rigid
Size: 1.60m wingspan
Ages: 12 years to Adult
Ikon 1.6m kite
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Firestorm Stunt Kite

A Big, Bold & Fast Kite
6mm tubular frame
gives great flying!
Size: 1.83m wingspan
Ages: 12 years to Adult

Wind Wizard

Excellent Australian Made kite
Vv-very rugged
Quality nylon & fibreglass
Size: 1.3 m wingspan
Ages: 10 to adult
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Power Foil Kites:

These next 4 are foil kites...no frames, they just fill with air.
They are very powerful and produce very strong pull for their size.

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Nitro 1.8m foil

Less power then the big foils
but a good teens intro to powerkites.
Ripstop sail - twisted nylon lines
Size: 1.8m wingspan
Ages: 10 to 15 years
out of stock

Addict 2.4m foil

No frame - air filled cells
A v-v-very powerful kite - Just hang on!
Kite surfing Trainer Kite
Size: 2.44m wingspan
Ages: 15 years to Adult
Out of Stock
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picture of Calibre' kite

Calibre' Power Kite

This is a big & powerful foil kite!!!
NOT for children under any circumstances
Great for Medium to Fresh winds
Size: 3.0 metre frameless foil
Ages: Adults only
Was $245.00 now $175.00

2.7m Quadrafoil (4 line kite)

One of the best value quad foils around. It's got great power and excellent control.
A great traction kite.
Size: 2.7m powerfoil
Ages: adults only
Quad line kite 2.7 metre
Details for 2.7m Quadrafoil kites

Carbon Framed Kites:

Now, these 4 kites are really very high performance!...
Carbon Graphite frame technology offers the finest possible in Precision Flying.
As the Best in the World, carbon frames are used in all World Kite Championships. These are very fast, highly manoeuvreable and v-very precise. The Best of kiting.

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Backdraft Performance Kite

A Very Fast, Very Precise kite
5mm carbon frame for
unbelievable performance!
Size: 1.63m wingspan
Ages: 13 years to Expert

Razorback Performance Kite

Small and v-very fast
5.5mm carbon frame
Good fast kite!
Size: 1.2m wingspan
Ages: 12 years to Adult
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picture of Wind Dancer kite

Wind Dancer Performance Kite

Australian Made - Brilliant!
5.5mm carbon frame
Excellent Value Kiting
Size: 1.6m wingspan
Ages: 12 years to Adult

Offshore 210 High Performance Kite

Excellent Performance!
Great pull in a wide wind range.
Tracks Rail Straight & Turns very Tight.
Size: 2.1m wingspan
Ages: 14 years to Expert
Offshore kite picture
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