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Foil 1.8

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Nitro Foil 1.8m

Out of Stock

This 1.8m Foil is a great introduction to frameless flying
Ideal for younger flyers to learn to control a power kite, it is very maneavureable and has good pull for a small kite.
Flys well in a wide wind range and, unlike it's adult siblings, it doesn't get too powerful as the wind picks up. It's great for basic power jumping (try it on the sand dunes at Fraser Island!) and it's ideal for travellers....it fits in your pocket.
Complete with 80lb lines & handles.  

* Full Statutory Warranty
* Free Delivery to your door
* Line & Handle Included
* Comes in Velcro-top Nylon Carry Bag

Kite Type:

Parafoils (or Powerfoils) are just like parasailers.
They fly because sewn pockets fill with air to give the kite it's
shape & they steer with bridle lines, just like a rigid dual line kite.
They are extremely powerful and definitely not for children. 


  • Winds: 8 kph to 35 kph
  • Ages: 10 years and Up but under supervision
  • Size: 1.8m wingspan


  • - Appliqued 40d Ripstop Sail
  • - no frame
  • - 80lb Twisted Lines on Handles - (The lines and handles on this kite are 'basic'. We use 'em because it keeps the price down for an introductory kite but you might want to upgrade your lines later on. Email me if you need more details.)

Sail Detail Rods & Connectors In the Packet
materials lines in the bag

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