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Kites in the classroom

Kite making and kite flying are great mediums for teaching across a wide range of subject areas.

Note: Free delivery does NOT apply to these kites.

(because they are sent in bulk, we need to calculate freight
based on size of parcel. See bottom for freight breaks)
Easy to make
100% success rate
Great to paint and decorate
Excellent stimuli for learning
and....heaps of fun!
School Kites
We provide kite kits that include all of the components you need for a successful and rewarding kite making programme
Whether it be a Friday afternoon fill-in or an introduction to wind and currents or the science of flight
your pupils will love using these inexpensive kites as a learning medium.

Click on the image to see kit details

Kite kits $5.50ea.

* Buy just the number you need (10 or over)
* Photographic teacher instructions included
* 785mm x 630mm - This is a BIG Kite!
* Complete with all materials you need
* Easy to make, easy to fly, easy to teach
* All you need is paints or crayons and a stapler
* Caters for students from year 1 to year 10
"Our Kite Kits provide teachers with all of the materials and supporting resources they need to enable very successful class programmes using kite making and kite flying activities as a medium for learning across all Key Learning Areas."
Kites: A great introduction to many aspects of classroom curriculum:-
- Wind and Weather
- Electricity and scientific experiment
     (remember Benjamin Franklin?)
- Science of flight and Aerodynamics
- SOSE: Many cultures around the world still use kite
      making and flying as part of social customs
- History - Did you know that Lawrence Hargreaves,
     the man on our $20 note invented the Box Kite and
     very nearly beat the Wright Bros to powered
- Art and Craft: "Kites are just a canvas in the sky"
- Sport and Recreation: just for the fun of flying...

Leading Edge Kites has been one of Australia's premier kite manufacturers for over 20 years.
We can offer you an unrivalled level of support and expertise to ensure your kitemaking is a complete success.
30 years experience as a teacher in Queensland schools has given me an intimate understanding of the processes of
learning and the knowledge of how to successfully intergrate 'Kites in the classroom' to maximise successful learning
outcomes (and have heaps of fun doing it!)"           


3 easy ways to Order:

* Fax us your school/institution order form
* Phone us with your order
* or Order and pay online

            Order any number over 10:


From 10 to 49
$5.50 ea. plus $13.50 freight
by kite kits
From 50 to 99
$5.50 ea. plus $10.00 freight
100 or more
$5.50 ea. and get FREE freight

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